Certification entity

Make available your professional certificates to BIMserver.center users so that they can request them and so prove your professional skills within the platform.

Advantages of offering your certificates to BIMserver.center users


Offer your certificates to prescribers of your sector

The possibility of being able to offer your certificates to prescribers of your sector becomes reality thanks to BIMserver.center.

Architects, software developers, civil engineers, manufacturers, developers, etc. All these professionals and many more develop their professional activity in the open workspace established by BIMserver.center.

Advertising addressed to potential applicants

Advertising and presence within BIMserver.center are not directed to a generic prescriber, but to potential applicants of your certificates. This way, the prescription action has a much higher success rate than traditional methods of advertising.
Potential applicants can see and request, from a preferred location within the platform, the certificates issued by your company, including their description and links to their own website for more detailed information.

Monitoring of certification requests

From your profile as a certification entity in %s, you can track all the users that have requested one of your certificates and, additionally, have the necessary information to get in touch with them and process these requests.

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